Triathlon swim program

The Triathlon swim program by Slipstream swim school is a  unique swimming training plan for triathletes wanting to improve their current swim time. During the race preparation phase, cycling and running often take priority over swimming which may risk ones overall race performance..


Slipstream swim school’s triathlon swim program has been designed specifically to address the challenges a triathlete may face, both in terms of the unpredictable open water swim as well as the scheduling conflicts inherent when training for a multi-disciplinary race.


The Triathlon swim program harnesses the power of correct technique, thereby reducing the, often time consuming, ploughing up and down the swimming pool. We focus on improving efficiency which means that athletes will have sufficient energy stores to face the following cycle and runs. Our program is catered for the unique requirements of the open water swim.

What parents say?

Clair is fantastic! My son absolutely adores her and she is so good with all the children and parents. She concentrates on everyone and makes sure that we all feel part of the class.

Bronwyn Small- Enthusiastic parent




Experienced, Certified & Insured Instructors

Each Slipstream swim instructor has gone through a rigorous hiring process and is provided with insurance through Slipstream to ensure they deliver a fun and safe learn to swim experience.