Swim stars program for ages 5-12 years

The Swim stars  swim program is designed to improve the swimming skills of your children aged 5 to 12 years old. The program has 3 specific levels. The level which your child will enter is dependent on his demonstrated swimming skills. The program accommodates children who are new to swimming lessons all the way up to those who are ready to develop correct freestyle and backstroke technique.

Level 1: The swimming program focuses on introducing your child to simple exercises required in order introduce strokes. Exercises include the basics of “face-in” breathing and being able to demonstrate propulsion techniques.

Level 2: The swimming program focuses on the correct arm, leg and breathing coordination for four strokes: Freestyle, Breaststroke Backstroke and Butterfly. Swimmers refine their stroke and breathing techniques, as well as increasing stamina in all four strokes.

Level 3: The swim program focuses on preparing your child for future swim team participation with attention on drills, starts and turns, individual medleys and increasing speed and stamina in the water.


All new students are assessed by one of our friendly Supervisors to determine which class best suits their abilities.Technical skills include an introduction to strokes, starts, dives, underwater swimming and blended breathing

What parents say?

Clair is fantastic! My son absolutely adores her and she is so good with all the children and parents. She concentrates on everyone and makes sure that we all feel part of the class.

Bronwyn Small- Enthusiastic parent




Experienced, Certified & Insured Instructors

Each Slipstream swim instructor has gone through a rigorous hiring process and is provided with insurance through Slipstream to ensure they deliver a fun and safe learn to swim experience.