Adult  swim school program

Our adult swim school program provides beginner swimmers with an opportunity to learn a new skill, overcome fears, and gain confidence in the water. Our program offers instruction for every skill level from basic survival skills through to stroke introduction and development.

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Fundamentals swim school program

Our fundamentals adult swim school program is designed for adults with little or no swimming experience. The program will develop overall confidence in the water. Fears generally associated with first time swimmers, such as placing the face under the surface of the water, will be overcome.The program includes developing basic swimming skills, including flotation and kicking and learning freestyle arms.


Stroke development swim school program

The stroke development adult swim school program has been designed for adults with a basic understanding of swimming skills. The program will develop skills associated with specific strokes, namely Freestyle and Backstroke. This will include arms and timing while focusing on breath control, leading to an increased aerobic capacity in swimming.

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Stroke correction swim school program

The stroke correction swim school program has been designed for adults who have proficient swimming skills but do not feel ready for a squad session. The program will further refine and develop technique for Freestyle, Backstroke and introduce Breaststroke and Butterfly skills.

What parents say?

Clair is fantastic! My son absolutely adores her and she is so good with all the children and parents. She concentrates on everyone and makes sure that we all feel part of the class.

Bronwyn Small- Enthusiastic parent




Experienced, Certified & Insured Instructors

Each Slipstream swim instructor has gone through a rigorous hiring process and is provided with insurance through Slipstream to ensure they deliver a fun and safe learn to swim experience.